19 August 2009

† When Is HumanPets Coming Back? †

Its been quite a while that I didn't login my HumanPets account. Sad to see that HumanPets has become so quiet these days and I think currently it has been taken over by Friends For Sale in FaceBook. HumanPets was one of the top FaceBook applications but everything changed eversince it has been removed from FaceBook due to some policy and politic matters.

Oh well, looking back at my profile, it is still the same. The profile pictures, the background, my owner and my pets, they're still there.

My story tales! I've posted a few tales and its something like 'what you think?' section where you can gain points from the readers who like your tales. These points are important for you to buy pets or even buy items.

My shop items were once removed from HumanPets due to maintanence problem of the website but they're now restored back into my shop. As you can see most of my items are consisted of animes.

Chatting with other users were fun back then because there were many users whose addicted so badly to HumanPets and I used to receive 30 to 40 messages per day.

Unlike Friends For Sale, you can view who actually visited your page. Well well well, I guess everything that rise will be ended up with a fall. HumanPets was once an addictive application to many FaceBook users but apparently the trend has been shifted to other applications.

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