03 August 2009

† Good Preparation Practice Workshop 2009 †

July was a busy month. I just came back from a workshop known as Good Preparation Practice (GPP) in Empress Hotel of Sepang. Initially I thought it was going to be a super dry and boring workshop but I guess I was slightly wrong about it. I guess meeting up with friends and other pharmacists of 'my species' was something really interesting back there because sometimes I think being the one and only chemo pharmacist in Kuantan hospital somehow makes me feeling a little bit lonely.

Here's some of the friends I've met during the workshop. From the left, we have Yap from Queen Elizabeth hospital (love talking about cutting cost of the department), Leong Huat from Sultan Ismail hospital (interesting fella who enjoys drinking and gets aggressive after a few bottles of beer), Ong from Sri Manjung hospital (a serious and polite guy... maybe because he's married?) and Joanne from Kuala Lumpur hospital (loves clubbing and shopping... wow!).

The workshop was basically about establishing a standardized policies and procedures for the aseptic department in Malaysia. Debates and discussions were carried out among the pharmacists and it lasted for hours.

Some pharmacists remained neutral, keeping himself away from debates and yes Sao Voon from Teluk Intan hospital I'm talking about you :P

I guess Leong Huat was beginning to feel bored and he started to ask around for entertainment. Typical of this cheeky guy. Haha.

Here comes our 'after office hour' entertainment... card games!

Card game alone is pathetic isn't it? Of course the combination of beer and peanuts were tagged along with our 'after office hour' entertainment. Here we have Loong from Ampang hospital with his remarkable beer post and it means "no matter how many bottles I drink, I will not fall".

Well, I guess I'll need to do some censoring here because Loong lost in the card games and he was forced to take off his clothes. Thank God his 3 layers tummy wasn't that obvious in the picture all thanks to my 2 mega pix Nokia phone camera.

We also have Ju Nee from Sg. Buloh hospital and Chan Yen from Kuala Lumpur hospital who joined us in the drinking session.

Well, I always think: balancing our life is important. We need to work hard to earn money along with experience, and of course we need to play hard as well to compensate your hard work.

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