05 August 2009

† Genting Views †

I was the speaker for the Pahang state Pharmacist Assistant Workshop that was held in Genting. However what scared me the most was that my slot of presentation was last minute changed from 11am to 9:30am. I have to depart so early in order to reach Genting in time.

However I guess I was a little bit too early and I managed to reach Genting at 8:15am. That was my first time driving up to Genting highland at such early time and I couldn't resist taking the pictures of what I've seen along my way up to the hill.

The road was misty and for the first time I felt that the whole world has stop moving for a minute. Everything was calm, cooling and relaxing. I've never had such wondrous feeling for a long time already.

Simply by looking at th scenery, it somehow helped me pushing all my bad memories and stress away. I really appreciate what God had created on this earth and I think I'm lucky enough to have lived my life until now to see such great view.

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