23 August 2009

† District 9 †

District 9 has been shown in the cinema for days and I finally had the chance to watch it. The synopsis that I've read told me that its a movie about how the aliens had landed on Earth 20 years ago. However these aliens were somehow infected by some kind of virus, causing them to lose their ability to think straight and acted like low inteligence creature.

Human race had shown their mercy by helping these aliens to settle on Earth, setting a sealed-up area known as District 9 to contain the aliens. At the same time providing these aliens food and accomodation.

So does this mean that the humans are good? Bullshit! I think this is a movie about how ugly human race can be. Personally I think this movie is trying to tell us how the human race can be stupid, selfish, as well as barbaric. There some parts of the movie showing how the humans have tried all kinds of experiments killing and examine the aliens in order to gain access to the alien advanced technology.

This scene is the saddest scene to me as the organization is trying to do all kinds of experiments on the main character of the movie, Wikus. Further more, in order to reduce side effect, no anesthetic effect has been used on Wikus while doing operation. I'm really feel sad for what he has gone through.

I think overall of the movie was considered not bad although there were a few parts that was quite disturbing especially when Wikus was going through a metamorphic process, changing from human into alien.

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