26 August 2009

† Akihabara's Capsule Inn †

Ever heard of the capsule inn of Akihabara, Japan? This is a unique style of accommodation in Japan designed in order to overcome the overcrowded situation of Japan especially in certain well-known places.

As you can see from the picture, big cities in Japan are always crowded with people and I'm sure accommodation is going to be a big problem in such megalopolis. The cases of business men who work too hard and miss their train are something common that happen in Japan and therefore finding a place to overnight is always important.

I think the concept of capsule inn is inspired by the architecture of a bee hive. Such layered and compacted arrangement of the capsule inn rooms will ultimately improve the problem of overcrowded in Japan.

According to the homepage of Capsule Inn, the typical a typical capsule inn is composed of two major sections; a public lounge space including bathing, and the other is a private space where the sleeping rooms (capsules) are arranged. The actual sleeping room is a capsule unit made of reinforced plastic and designed in the image of a jet airplane's cockpit.

In the capsule unit, all the basic amenities are also provided such TV, radio, alarm clock, adjustable lighting, curtains as well as table. Regular hotel in Japan may cost 8000 to 12000 yen per night however a capsule inn only cost 4000 yen per night. Personally I think it is worth spending a night in such unique accommodation at least once when we visit Japan.

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