28 August 2009

† Adidas Super Bape Star †

Adidas Super Bape Star, is a combination of Adidas Superstar and NIGO's Bathing Ape (Bape). This pair of shoe simply catches my attention not only because of its design, also its brand(s). I've been an Adidas Superstar lover for years and my last pair of Adicolor Superstar shoe really has made me happy for years.

As usual, Bape's shoes design always have a camouflage pattern and this color and pattern really looks good on Adidas Superstar. What really catch my attention is Bape's "monkey" logo has an Adidas trademark three stripes printed across it.

This pair of shoe may look nice but the price is rather scary for me to even think of buying half a pair of it. Well then, the price is rather varies among the sellers so why not you go find out yourself?

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