01 July 2009

† Workplace Organization Methodology: 5S †

My chemo department is way too messy that I think I'm losing my concentration and work productivity. Simply looking at the photos below, I think people can understand how I feel about this.

My work station... Urgh... It makes me feel sleepy everyday.

Sub store... It makes me want to bath three times a day.

In order to improve such condition, I've planned to initiate the 5S system in my department which involves the following S's.
Phase 1 - Seiri (整理) : Sorting.
Phase 2 - Seiton (整頓) : Set in Order.
Phase 3 - Seisō (清掃) : Systematic Cleaning.
Phase 4 - Seiketsu (清潔) : Standardization.
Phase 5 - Shitsuke (躾) : Sustaining.

It all started with my work station where I started to throw all unnecessary stuffs away.

The second stage of 5S where I started to label everything that I use in routine.

Standardization of documents and files is part of the important keys to achieve 5S.

Modification and innovation some times make everything looks natural and neat.

Clinical paper bags and sharp bins were previously thrown all around my department and they are now neatly arranged.

Each color of the files represents different oncology section and this makes access to their chemo regimes and protocols alot easier.

And these are part of the crews who helped me out in the 5S. Although its only half way of the 5S, but I truly thanking all of you for the hard work!

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