07 July 2009

† Short Trip To Sungai Lembing †

Sungai Lembing is somewhere that I've planned to pay a visit a long time ago and I finally found the chance to visit it. As I expected, its truly a lovely place worth our visit. Sungai Lembing was once a major producer of tin back in 1970s and now it has become a tourist spot.

Sungai Lembing town looks beautiful from this angle especially seeing a row of giant trees in the middle of the road.

Its truly not an easy task to walk up the stairs to the top of the mountain especially when you have to wake up at 5am to climb the mountain.

But looking at the sunrise and the scenes, I think it is worth all the hardship we've been through.

Further more, Sungai Lembing's breakfast is truly tempting. I think one must treat the stomach well by eating all these food after such a tiring mountain climbing.

The popular stuffed meat steam tofu... Yummy!

Meat balls, yong tau fu, soup are Sungai Lembing's specialty.

Most importantly, Sungai Lembing noodle, also known as 林明面 (ling ming mian), is a must to try.

A curry version of Sungai Lembing noodle too, is tasty.

Sungai Lembing coconut biscuit is one of the local specialties. Such a big pack only cost RM3.30.

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