26 July 2009

† Kuantan Hospital PRP's Moment Of Glory †

Another year passes-by and this batch of Kuantan hospital's Pre-Registered Pharmacists (PRP) are going to graduate soon. Most of them are worried about their coming posting because Pahang's full of many 'dangerous' and 'yet-to-be-discovered' areas awaiting for them.

I was invited to attend their farewell dinner and we really had a great night in the restaurant called Santai in Tanjung Lumpur. As you can see our William Tong (left bottom) with his trademark eye-catching surfing pajamas short pant.

This is our Mr. Lai showing off his best PRP award certificate. No wonder he looks so happy. (Sorry HP I revealed your secret)

The happy faces of PRPs. Glad that they enjoyed their time here in HTAA. Well, all the best in becoming a good pharmacist in future! I'm sure we will see each other again in future since we're all in the same field.

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