26 July 2009

† JKNP Annual Dinner 2009 Prelude †

The JKNP annual dinner (sponsored by PEKAKES) was held yesterday night and I was one of the performers representing the pharmacy department of Pahang. I arrived at the dinner hall an hour before it started and the hall was totally empty. I guess this is what you meant by the 'Malaysian's Timing'. While waiting for the floor to arrive, me and my team members were discussing and recapping the lyrics of songs that we're going to perform (Mambai's Kau Ilhamku & Michael Jackson's Heal the World).

Introduction of My Team Members

Here we have Pek Leng (left) and Chee Meng (right). Pek Leng is going to be a Full-Registered Pharmacist (FRP) very soon after her one year compulsory practice while Chee Meng is the boss of Hospital Kuantan's ward supply department who controls the input and output of medicines running in the ward.

Mr and mrs Lee... Ooops, I mean Zhi Yong (left) and Pui Yee (right) come in a package of two in my music team. Zhi Yong is currently the pharmacist in-charge of Hospital Pekan's main drug store and Pui Yee is going to complete her practice and soon to be a FRP.

Here we have Christine and me doing the classical 'two' hand signs. Christine is currently the big boss of Hospital Pekan controlling the pharmacy department, mainly in the clinical area. And of course me myself, a.k.a. Keat. I guess everyone knows who I am and I shall skip the round of introducing myself again.

It wasn't easy to handle this task alone and I still remember how stressed I was when the task of doing the performance was placed upon my shoulder. But thanks to all my colleagues who helped me out by volunteering themselves in doing this performance with me. Thank you my dear colleagues and you guys/girls rocks!

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