26 July 2009

† JKNP Annual Dinner 2009 Finale †

Its been 5 years since my last stage performance. Kinda nervous but I was surprisingly calm as well. My colleagues did a great job in doing their singing in the songs 'Kau Ilhamku' and 'Heal the World' especially Zhi Yong with his 'on-the-spot-full-of-feel' singing skill.

A photo session the bosses: Pn Rozita U48 of Hospital Kuantan's clinical pharmacy department, as well as Ms Wee, the head of pharmacist of the whole Pahang. I'm glad to hear from her telling me that she loves the songs performed especially MJ's Heal The World.

Photo sessions after every memorable sessions became a 'must-to-do' event for kids nowadays.

I guess silly poses are something common to do during a photo sessions right?

And here we have the 'Fatt Tat' duo (Soong Fatt & Eng Tat) who come all the way from Hospital Raub and Klinik Kesihatan Lanchang respectively. Both of them really look like someone high ranking such as 'Datuk' or 'Yang Berbahagia'.

The guys taking picture with Datuk ah Fatt and Yang Berbahagia ah Tat. A message to Song Fatt and Eng Tat: Good to see both of you here in Kuantan!

And this is one of my favorite photos, me surrounded by pretty girls! Kekeke XD

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