21 July 2009

† 1st National Scientific Meeting of Renal Phamacy †

Just came back from the 1st National Scientific Meeting of Renal Pharmacy held in Holiday Villa Subang Jaya. Its a topic a little bit out of my job scope but who cares? Although I'm a chemo-pharmacist, but I guess this is a good opportunity for me to learn more about our kidney. Its a costly scientific meeting that I have to pay RM400 with my own pocket money first but thank God I can claim that later on.

I'm sitting at the very last row and I can see everyone's maximizing their concentration listening to the talk.

Sometimes I can't help looking at the ceiling not because I'm bored with the talk but because of its design.

The ceiling somehow reminds me of a few castle that I've seen in Paris during my 2007 Europe tour.

What has made me happy the most was that I've managed to meet up with my friends who works in Seremban hospital (Philip - left) and Besut hospital (Chee Yang - right).

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