24 June 2009

† BALDR Force EXE Revolution †

BALDR Force EXE, aka バルドフォース エグゼ レソリューション in Japanese is a 'not bad' and 'worth watching' anime involving tech, robots, computer networks, vengeance, and love. The first episode caught my attention in year 2007 because its idea was almost similar to that of Matrix Trilogy and Dot Hack. However I wasn't able to download the following episodes due to limited source of download. And right after 2 and a half years, I manage to buy its original DVD set and yay, everything is back into my memory now.

The story’s set in the future, in an age where people can “dive” into the wired world. Some people escape into the wired world to avoid reality. The anime started out with a group of FLAK agents (FLAK: a major military organization run by the United Nations to prevent cyber terrorism) scouting around a digital town looking for a suspicious virus attack of the network. However, they were destroyed in the network by some unknown source of attack. Morpheus from The Matrix used to say:" the body cannot live without the mind". Hell yea this concept is applied here as well. Apparently these FLAK agents died after they were killed in the network.

Mean while, the main character of the story, Tohru Soma appeared. Tohru was a member of "Steppen Wolf", a group of hackers. The group decided to do one more hacking attack by attempting to hack into FLAK. However, they were discovered quickly, which resulted in the death of Yuya, Steppen Wolf's leader and Tohru's friend, as well as their arrest. In order to avoid a long term in prison, Tohru ultimately decided to join FLAK, in order to find out who killed Yuya. While Tohru tries to find the murderer of his friend, he and his new teammates are to defend the wired world from Fei Dao, an extremist group who threatens to disrupt the stability of the wired world. While battling the Fei Dao, more issues and stories were revealed and I guess you should watch it by yourself.

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