22 May 2009

† Stay By Estrella †

I bet many readers do not know the existence of the band known as Estrella. Estrella is a Malaysian band formed in the year 2006 with the initial members Liyana as the guitarist/singer and Yob the lead guitarist. In year 2008, their music became popular especially my favorite song of theirs, 'STAY'.

The lead singer Liyana has a sweet voice that makes the song 'Stay' so soothing upon listening. The song started off with a nice guitar strumming before Liyana comes in with her singing. Personally I think this song is really attractive because of its jazzie guitar chords.

Meanwhile about the music video, it does looks a lil bit low budgeted but the video's flaw has been covered up by the good song. So I think this is a good start for Estrella.

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