10 May 2009

† Mike Portnoy My Favorite Drummer †

Mike Portnoy is the acclaimed drummer of Dream Theater as well as various side-projects such as Liquid Tension Experiment, TransAtlantic, O.S.I. and tribute bands such as Yellow Matter Custard, Hammer Of The Gods, Amazing Journey and Cygnus & The Sea Monsters.

Looking at the drum above, I can recognize it belongs to Dream Theater's Mike Portnoy.

It seems that Mike likes to be surrounded by many types of drum kits and percussion. This drum setup is known as the 'Albino Monster'. One of the first song I've ever heard from is was Dance of Eternity. Right after I listened to the music, my one and only reaction was 'Wooooow...'.

Mike Portnoy's live performance is always superb in the sense that he'll never make a single mistake by playing on such complicatedly arranged song on such uniquely designed drum set. And that is why Mike Portnoy is always one of my most favorite drummer.

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