07 May 2009

† Japanese BBQ †

I went to Johor Baru for my friend's wedding and I've managed to meet up with some friends that I hardly meet after graduation. So I brought them to this nice Japanese BBQ restaurant to celebrate our time of reunion.

Here we have Zen (right) and Chris (left). Just for an introduction, Chris was our International Medical University (IMU) pharmacy course representative. Responsible, hardworking, polite but unpredictable are the words that I'm going to use to describe him. And Zen, one of my best friends in IMU. He's a great basketball and badminton player who knows how to win girl's heart simply by his extra-ordinary cooking.

The first set we ordered was seafood. Simply by looking at it, my saliva just can't stop flowing out of my mouth.

The second set we ordered was a meaty high cholesterol plate. Bad for health I know but is there a problem if its a 'once in a while' celebration?

This is the BBQ plate used by the restaurant. Its not electrical hot plate but a real charcoal BBQ plate. According to some professionals, charcoal produces the best and tastiest original flavor for BBQ.

You'll need the ice to 'tune down' the fire so that it won't over burnt your food.

When you're hungry, you'll tend to overflow the BBQ plate with your food.

Other than BBQ, we've ordered a bowl of soup, sort of like 'too much of heaty stuff and you'll need a soup to cool down your body' concept.

And our final dish, oyster!

Well, I can't really remember the name of this restaurant but all I know is that its located somewhere near the Johor Jaya area. If you're interested, perhaps you can search around that area.

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