19 May 2009

† The Brotherhood †

Congratulation Boon Kiong, one of my good friends I've met in IMU. So he's one of the very first friends of mine who gets married. Oh gosh, I think many more weddings will come very soon.

So anyway, the wedding is held in Pontian (Johor) and a few of us were invited to be his 'brothers' during the first day of wedding. Its kinda funny looking at all of us in white shirts and black pants but its our big boss Boon Kiong's order.

7:30AM... Arrived in front of the bride's house, getting ready to accept the challenge in order to get the bride for the groom.

When the groom arrived, the brotherhood is ready to battle.

The sisters just won't let you enter the house so easily unless you offer them money. Thats women's nature.

You'll definitely be locked outside the door if you offer RM1 to them.

And lucky enough these sisters were impressed by the RM50 we've offered to them.

We've entered the house but not so easy, these kind hearted sisters have prepared some delicious weird food for us brothers. Simply by looking at it, I can guess its not something really tasty.

"Fight for our boss, and we shall do it!" Says Chris and Tong.

"It tastes.... Gooooooood!!!!" Says Henry with such of his facial expression.

Torturing us with all kinds of drinks was part of the sisters plan. Royiez received an unknown liquid and he was forced to drink it.

Zin received a kiss of blessing from the groom Boon Kiong because I think Zin will be the next to get married.

But it seems that Zin was not selfish at all and he wished to share the kiss of blessing with his good friend IzzacRio by licking his ear.

And finally after all kind of troubles we've gone through, the bride and groom meets each other and "dang dang dang dang", the bell of wedding rings.

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