04 April 2009

† Wireless iPod Dock Speaker †

This iPod speaker is so cool and its different from any other iPod speaker that I've ever encountered. First of all, it has a spherical speaker and this makes its design looks futuristic. Secondly, the speakers are detachable and serve as portable wireless speaker. Not to worry about its battery because each speaker is powered by a rechargeable battery which is sufficient for about 8 hours of playback, and when used together they operate in stereo mode, or mono when separated.

After looking at the iPod dock above, I really think that my Sonic Gear iPod dock is really some kind of caveman technology. *sweat*

For the past few years, iPod has been an essential item for people who love music and wishes to bring their music around. Therefore I think iPod users should treat their iPod nicely by giving their iPod a good dock to charge their battery.

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