15 April 2009

† She's Alright By The Choir †

There's a lot of underground alternative Christian bands been performing and producing nice and lovely songs but many of them remain unknown to the public. Unless you’ve been following the Christian alternative underground closely, you may not have heard of this poetic, percussive, progressive and poignant song called She's Alright, arranged and composed by The Choir.

I can't remember how I came across this song but this song has truly attracted my attention when I first listened to it approximately 4 years ago, initially with its nice intro and later on the lovely chorus.
Comes a time for tears in the dark
No need to fake it
Yesterday her eyes were shining stars
I know she'll make it

She's alright
She's alright now
Flyin' over mountains
Comin' through the clouds
She's alright
Like an eagle in the wind
I know she's gonna make it through
'Cause she's got true blue friends

Even when the rain is falling hard
She will find cover
Even though she aches to the heart
She knows we love her

She's alright...

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