26 April 2009

† Write Your Name In Elvish †

This interesting post is taken from the original website written by Ned Gulley. With this we learn to write our name in Elvish.

The following alphabets are going to be used in generating names in Elvish.

I think I'll just explain the first lesson about writting Elvish and the others can be read from Ned Gulley website.

First of all, write the name ROBERT in a piece of paper.

Identify the vowels (a, e, i, o, u) and shift them upward, then bring them to the left.

It is then become OE on the top, and RBRT at the bottom.

By looking at the Elvish alphabets above, try substitute the current alphabets with that of Elvish and you will get what is shown in the picture on the bottom left.

Of course there are many more websites of writting Elvish in full sentences but I find this version that I posted is so much easier to read. Perhaps if you have the time, you can give it a try here.

As for downloadable Elvish course, the English version can be downloaded here. Its always fun to learn foreign language isn't it?

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