19 April 2009

† Help!! I Can't Resist!! †

I'm going to get fat very soon if I keep eating food like this... *sob sob*. One thing dangerous about Kuantan is that there are plenty of fatally-delicious food available and its very hard to keep your mouth away from them. Even if your mouth says no, your mind and stomach will be a pair of great oppositions that your mouth will eventually loses its will.

The story started off like this: My house mates William and Zhi Young got posted to hospital in other parts of Pahang and we have decided to celebrate such depressive departure in Kuantan's Hai Tian Lou (海天樓).

"Meaty-stuffed chicken floss tofu" (355kcal)

"Sweet and sour king's rib" (550kcal)

"Salted egg fried calamaries" (955kcal)

"Authentic grilled chicken" (455kcal)

I can't imagine how much calories I've ingested and I seriously have to think of a way to get rid of the excessive fat on my stomach.

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