29 April 2009

† Happy Birthday Dr Cheah †

Happy 27th birthday Dr Cheah! Just for a general introduction, Dr Cheah originated from Penang island but somehow got transfered to Pekan, Pahang by the government during his medical practice. This is the day Dr Cheah turns 27 and a few of us surprised him with his favorite chocolate mud cake.

Along with Christine my university junior, we have Dr Tan my ex-housemate in Pekan whose going to transfer to Kuantan soon.

Zhi Yong my ex-housemate in Kuantan who is transfered to Pekan and the one besides him is his girl friend Pui Yee aka fatty (ah pui) although she's not fat at all.

Here we have a wonderful stunning cake specially customized for Dr Cheah. I know exactly what Christine and Dr Tan are thinking. This cake was designed base on...

Dr Cheah's Wolverine hair!!! Bwahaha... What a genius I am *grin*

Dr Cheah's making a wish and I think he was wishing for his transfer out of Pekan.

Such big portion of chocolate cake... Its specially for Dr Cheah.

I can see Dr Cheah is happy with his cake. So once again Dr Cheah, happy birthday to you and may your wish come true!

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