03 April 2009

† Expensive Beer †

Men and beer are both inseparable. If you do not believe in this fact, go ask your father or your male colleagues this question: do you hate beer?

I love Tuesday because its an 'All Night Long Happy Hour' in Kuantan's After Seven Club where I can order 3 buckets of beer (4 bottle of 375ml beer in each bucket), with a reasonable price of RM88. Imagine if were given a choice to spend my money on beer, I wonder if I will ever spend it on the beers that I'm going to show below..

Tutankhamen Brew: This beer ranked number three in the world's most expensive beer, costing around $52 per bottle. The production is also limited and the edition is also numbered.

Samuel Adams' Utopias: Second most expensive beer in the world and it costs around $100 per bottle. Rumors said that this beer contains 25% alcohol and its the highest alcohol containing beer in the world too.

Vielle Bon Secours: Finally, the world most expensive beer ever found. Can you believe it? It costs $1,000 per bottle. Gosh... I really wish to taste it. It can only be found in a bar called the Bierdrome in London.

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