04 April 2009

† Ego LifeStyle: Love Edition †

Have you ever heard of the brand Ego LifeStyle? Well, if you look at the pictures above and below, you might think its a briefcase. The answer is wrong, its not a briefcase and you know what, its actually a laptop.

Ego LifeStyle has a great design, making the laptop's cover look really cool and luxurious.

The inner part of this laptop is really cool isn't it?

I know Valentine's day has just passed but I think this Valentine's edition of Ego will never gets old and it would be a great gift for your love one no matter what occasion or event you're celebrating.

The whole laptop is pink in color it has a red heart on top the cover, making it looks adorable. On top of it, it has a red leather ribbon tied on the handle of the laptop, with a silver metal heart attached to it.

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