15 March 2009

† Lemon †

You might ask 'why lemon?' Honestly I don't know. The idea of lemon just somehow landed on my mind without any reason.

First of all, lemon is a really good fruit to enjoy simply not because of its sourness but its valuable benefits for our health. A few drops of lemon juice squeezed from a fresh lemon slice mixed with a glass of water is considered a very healthy drink.

Many artist would express themselves via fruits painting and lemon is one of the most favourite fruits to be painted.

Lemon necklace can be quite a good choice of souvenir to be given to your friends.

There are also ear-rings made based on the concept of lemon.

Lemon clock, what should I say about this?

And of course, this is something pretty unusual: charging your iPod using lemon. Yea, its possible because I've seen a few videos of them using fruits as a battery charger to charge up your iPod.

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