12 February 2009

† BMW: Its Alive! †

Have you ever imagined what is the definition of 'bio-organic metal'? From my point of view, a biological metal means a metal that can grow, or perhaps the word 'alive' can be used to define it.

BMW has created a new concept car, and it is unlike anything you have ever seen before. Its made of living metal.

So this is how it looks like from the front view.

And this picture shows what do you mean by 'biological metal'. The car actually 'opens' its eyes.

Another closer look at how the car 'opens' its eyes.

The same thing applies to the bonnet of the car.

As for the side view, the door looks a bit weird, but still, its interesting.

Of course this is just an imaginary concept, but it might come true one day who knows?

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