11 January 2009

† Scenery In Brugge †

Brugge located in Belgium, is very special. It’s about the most charming city in Europe. This city is crossed and recrossed by canals and streets that are lined with nice buildings and scenery. I won't comment much in this particular blog post because everything about this post is the great sceneries taken in Brugge.


Canal and river are connected in the town, making it looks a little bit like Venice.

Me and Mel at a bridge in one of the residential area and this great view of canal attracted us to take a photo here.


A garden with nice building and plants.

Its spring, so most leaves were still absent.


City square of Brugge. The colorful buildings are always a good landmark for the city square.


A cathedral in Brugge.


It seems that bicycle riding is popular among the locals.

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