12 January 2009

† Oh No!!! †

Urrggh... This is my 'first call' week... NOOOO!!! *sob sob*
Why do I hate first call so much? First of all, you need to get up early everyday, because you're the first person to come to the pharmacy department to unlock all the doors for your colleagues and boses. Secondly, you need to stay at the outpatient department to dispense from 7:30am till 8:00am... Arghh!

The thing that I hate the most about first call is that you have to stay at home after 11pm to standby, getting ready to receive calls from doctors. And the worst of all, you might need to drive to hospital at the middle of the night to do 'therapeutic drug monitoring' (TDM). Go away TDM, I don't want you to come!!

Huhuhu... I hope everything will go smoothly during my first call week. Because I don't want to get old too fast. Of course after one week I'll be freed from this horrible nightmare.

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