08 January 2009

† Hillsong United †

Hillsong United is one the best groups that produces good Christian rock songs for the youngsters. I've been listening to Hillsong's worship song since the age of 14 and their songs are really revolving in a drastic manner.

Hillsong United is a part of Hillsong Church's youth ministry and the music band was originally known as 'Power House'. They used to play other Christian singer's song in a rocker version and their style of music was pretty famous among the youngsters who attended their concert. The name 'Hillsong United' arise after many youth ministries in Hillsong Church joined together as one, and started to call the nights, "UNITED" Nights.

Hillsong United travels around the world quite frequently and the audiences really enjoy their music, especially the younger generation.

One of the songs that I admired so much is 'All About You' from one of their albums. I was quite impressed with the song's guitar intro. Its just simply awesome!

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