21 January 2009

† Great Views Of Highland †

Its about Scotland again! Its been raining non-stop here in Kuantan and it somehow reminds me of the weather of Scottish highland. The photos that I'm going to show below are photos taken from different parts of highland during my highland tour, including Inverness, Oban, Isle of Skye, Shetland, Sterling, and many more.

Well, whats so special about the highland? Generally, the highland region is a 'really Scottish' place where you can see many great things such as great glens and mountains, beautiful rivers and lochs (lake), enchanted gardens and forests, as well as old buildings made of rocks.


There are many rivers to be seen in the highland especially in the forests. These rivers have one thing in common: rocks are everywhere. It can be quite slippery and dangerous if you wanna take a photo at the river side.


If you watch the show 'Water Horse', you won't miss this beautiful castle. I've taken many photos of this castle during the tour and I find this is the best among all. Too bad I didn't enter the castle because we have to pay a few pounds for the entrance fee.


Fairie Glen is one of the best spot to take photos. Most of the trees in the area are small in size and the legend says that there are fairies lingering around in the glen.


There are many forests along the road in the highland. I have no idea what is the name of this forest but if my memory still serves me well, I think this forest is somewhere near Isles of Skye.


It was summer when I took this picture but still, there were snows on the tip of the mountain. It gives the idea how cold the weather of Scotland can be.


This picture was taken on top of a the hill of Oban. As you can see the castle has been abandoned for quite sometime.


What a wonderful view of Loch Ness where me and Mel were watching the magnificent view of sunset. Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to see the Loch Ness Monster as what I've heard from the legend.

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