28 December 2008

† Zenvo: Danish Automotive †

Is there anything else I can say about this car? This car is just way too cool! When I first saw this car, I thought it was just a dream car or... some kind of off future car. But it seems that this car is gonna launch in year 2009.

The Zenvo ST1 is a pure Danish design and the designers are all from Denmark if I am not mistaken.

From what is written in the official website:
"The research and development for the prototype started in 2004. The final prototype has now been completed and the car has entered it’s last stages of performance testing . In 2009, Zenvo Automotive will start a series production of the car, named the Zenvo ST1. It will be a limited edition with only 15 cars to be built and sold to specially approved customers."
If this is the case, I wonder how many people in Malaysia will buy this car, or perhaps I should use the word 'afford'.

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