02 December 2008

† Seat Belt Bag †

So this is another topic about bags. Try to take a look at the bag below, what makes you think that this bag is special? The brand? The color? The design or something else?

It looks perfectly normal to me... dull and simple. However, it attracts me when I found out what its made of.

So the picture above shows what this bag made of: its actually seat belts. Surprise aye?

Some people might think the original color of seat belts are too boring and has no sense of fashion. And thus Harveys has made something different by using seat belts of different colors.

Many people might think these bags are useless. However, it can't be denied that these bags made of seat belts are incredibly strong (we seldom see seat belt breaks apart), great for the environment (recycle huh?), and are guaranteed to be a conversation starter. Why is that so? Thats because people will be amazed for sure when you tell them what it's made from.

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