28 December 2008

† Post Christmas Celebration †

I attended a post-Christmas celebration organized by the local university students. It was fun especially that I get to meet some of my old church friends such as Witter & Eric. Oh man... its making me missed all those days when I was a student. Well, I think I'm a lil bit too old to join them danced around while singing those Christmas carols. But the funny thing was that... when I was helping around with arranging the fruits and food, two of the university girls thought I'm a Form5 student 0_o" Errr... okay, so should I be happy that I look young or should I be sad that I'm not looking mature enough?

What a good sign seeing the students attending the gathering, paying attention to the speakers meaning that the speakers are not boring (my dad was the translator).

Here comes the interesting part. Each of the students who attended the gathering were required to bring a present with them because these presents were to be exchanged during the end of the session.

One of the presents brought by the students was actually a lollipop. I was like:" What the?". However the lollipop was kinda popular and a few of us took the photo of it.

Firstly we have our Jolynn from Bangsar doing Miss Bangsar post with the lollipop.

And then, we have our Mr. Jeffery doing his "L" post licking the lollipop.

In case ya don't know who on earth is "L".

Okay and finally, photo of me taken together with Jolynn. Nice meeting ya Jolynn.

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