29 December 2008

† Nat-2 Transformable Shoe †

I'm not sure if you people have seen this before, but this is definitely my first time seeing such shoe concept. Introducing you Nat-2, the only shoe brand that allows you to experience 2 shoes in 1 shoe concept.

I thought this guy's wearing a teared-up shoe. Personally I think this is a good concept and its very much applicable especially in Asian country because places like Malaysia always rain a lot. When it rains, the owner can switch it into 'sandal mode'.

We do understand the inner-most part of a shoe is the smelliest thats because the whole shoe is poorly ventilated and your feet's sweat has been accumulated inside the shoe for days, for weeks and even for years, causing growth of maybe yeast... microbes... parasites... errr... and maybe fungus... you name it. Well, I don't think such growth is applicable to Nat-2 shoes as you can see its properly ventilated. Its 2 in 1 concept is pretty much like Reef's Stash Sandal that I introduced in my earlier post.

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