17 December 2008

† My Bed Room †

Okay, today's topic is rather dull. Its about me... my bed room. LOL. I received some requests earlier, asking me to show them the pictures of my bed room. So here I would humbly like to present my bed room.

First of all, here's my bed. I spend most of my time (at least 7 hours a day) on this little thing, resting my body, my mind and my soul. Not a very good bed, but I would say its rather cheap and cheerful bed.

This is my sit up gym set. Ever since my tummy is getting bigger each day, I've decided to buy this thing in hoping that it will reverse my tummy's condition. Eventually it failed.

My study table... is the most unpopular area. My book is always opened at the same page with the topic 'anti-neoplastic agent' and it remains there for quite some time already.

Well, nothing much to say about my cupboard, just full of all kind of junks including various supplements, hair waxes, medical books and some medical tools.

Finally, I would like to present my favourite spot of my room, the PS2, Internet, Anime and DVD corner. This area is also an alternative spot for me to take my nap everyday after work.

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