10 December 2008

† Monsoon & Me †

When we say the word "monsoon", most people will automatically relate it to "rain." But monsoons aren't always related to rainstorms you know, they're wind systems that reverse direction during seasonal changes. It may bring dry weather as well as wet. However here in Malaysia, we seldom give damn a care about dry season because rainy day is more troublesome than dry season.

Talks about December in the east coast region of Malaysia, its definitely raining monsoon.

I don't mean to hate rainy season, but heavy rain in Pahang is the worst... It causes floods in many areas of Pahang.

I was sent to Pekan Hospital last year and that was my first encounter with serious flood. I've never experienced such 'wonderful' experience in my whole life, seeing Pekan the royal town turning into Venice.

"Oedema is the first symptom of flooding where excessive water retention occurs and the whole piping system has difficulty removing the water."

"Pleural effusion is the complication of oedema where the water has invaded into the town, causing traffic jam and road blockage."


"Oh God, will perform a miracle, making a path by dividing the water, just like how you did for Moses in the Bible?"

Praying to God is the only way to help me calm down myself. Bare in mind that I can't travel out of Pekan simply because all the exits were terribly flooded, even heavy vehicles such as oil tankers and lorries were floating on the water. I got stuck in Pekan for 3 terrible weeks and I thank God that I'm finally got out of Pekan. Poor Christine is now substituting me in Pekan and I hope she won't suffer the same fate as me.

Heavy wind rain cocktail combo is attacking Kuantan area, making me and my house mates having a tough time deciding where to hang our clothes. If you wish to throw your shirts away, then it might be a right choice to hang it outside because you will find your shirts in the drain next morning.

"Kuantan fashion warehouse sale, brands including G2000, FCUK, Padini, Phenomenal, Esprit, Suave and Hush Puppies."

It might look disgusting, but trust me, this is the only way we've figured out to dry our clothes although it took us 3 days to get a complete dryness.

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