26 November 2008

† Random Food Hunting †

Wednesday night... this is a special night that we should celebrate because we have two more days to go before weekend (what the hell?). So me and my house mates have decided to celebrate such wonderful night by offering western food to our lord stomach.

East Grill Kuantan... our destiny... and here we arrived at the restaurant.

House mates were studying the guideline. According to William, the right choice must be made in order to fulfill our "lord stomach".

William: "Lets play a game before the food arrive. I'll be the king and you'll be the peasant."
Lee: "Errr... yes milord... hail king William... "

The time has come... this is what I ordered: medium rare Newzealand Grill Rib Eye. One word to express its deliciousness... Yummmmm...

Chicken chop ordered by one of my house mates. Doesn't look promising, but it tasted good.

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