27 November 2008

† Ocean Rescue †

3/4 of the earth is filled with water and 80% of the 3/4 is sea water that we can't even drink due to its extreme saltiness. Imagine your boat has capsized and you're sailing in the ocean on a piece of wood, without any water. What are you gonna do when you're thirsty? I think its a tough situation for everyone to handle especially when you can see water just right in front of you but you can't even drink them simple because they are salty.

"Ocean Rescue" has an interesting idea and design that aims to help victims of getting lost in the ocean. Not to worry about drinking water as Ocean Rescue is able to use the ocean water to make distilled water by itself.

What an interesting idea of having such mechanism of making distilled water automatically.

Other than making distilled water, Ocean Rescue can also be used as a mini light house floating in the water, catching other people's attention.

It also contains a gas chamber that produces colourful gas to catch helicopter or other boat's attention.

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