17 November 2008

† O2Jam Is Back †

What a joy, I've finally manage to play O2Jam again!
So here's the link where you can download it and play: click here to download. I was listening to my iPod and the song "Bride In Dreams" appeared randomly in one of my songs. It makes me miss playing O2Jam so much that I've decided to go find out why the hell O2Jam has been shut down in Malaysia. Along my web surf and search, I found no answer to my question but lucky me, I came through a forum (I can't recall what is the address of the forum) where many O2Jammers made their complains about the disappearance of O2Jam. One of the replier introduced them this website and finally my dream of playing O2Jam has come true! O2Jam... Here I come again!

Its pretty easy to sign up, just install it and click on 'register' and it will link you to a website where you have to fill in your user ID and nick name. After you've settled everything by filling in all the blanks, you're free to play then.

NOTE: I realize many users weren't able to join the server. From my point of view, I think its because of the IP address. I've uploaded a new post of O2Jam Malaysian Server. Feel free to take a look.

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