25 November 2008

† 10 Things I Miss About Scotland †

Ehem... Let me demonstrate a lil bit of Scottish accent: "Heya... Hew zet go'en? Go'en fer shoppen th'es Sundee aren't ye?" Its been almost 3 years since I graduated from Scotland. Looking back at all the photos, I realize that I miss Scotland dreadfully especially what is gonna show below.

Of course, the thing that I miss the most is my Scottish friends. Being a multi-cultural country, Scotland is full of all kinds of races and ethnics.

Castles can be found in many parts of Scotland. These castles are so damn cool and they remind me of many mid ages movies.

Abandoned ruins located on top of the hills are one of my favourites. These ruins are part of the historical attractions that attract many tourists like me to spend whole day admiring their structures.

So here I would like to present a group of funky pharmacist who graduated from International Medical University - University of Strathclyde. Look at them, enjoying their Scottish Highland Dance by exposing their kilts, showing everyone their undies.

Highland's glen... What can I say? The sum of mountains, wind, trees and coldness are sufficient to describe what highland is.

Ahhh... My favourite hairy-coo. This hairy-coo shown in the picture above is the largest coo found in Scotland, maybe because it gets to eat everyday. Where does the food come from? Isn't it obvious... the visitors who visit it everyday.

Fresh fresh seafood of Scotland... Yummy! Neither salt nor vinegar is added.

Slundger (something like "cheers")... Living in Scotland is meaningless without Chivas. Forcing friends to drink, or being forced to get drunk is part of our life in Scotland.

Ever heard of 'Deep Fried Mars Bar'? Imagine how high the cholesterol you are ingesting into your body when you eat this legendary stuff. Well I don't care since it can only be found in Scotland.

Lastly, Scottish bag-pipes... Its kinda annoying listening to it everyday. But ever since I left Scotland, I started to miss it some how.

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