10 October 2008

† Umbrella No More †

Its always hard to bring umbrella around especially when you're going for outing and I rather wait until the rain stop before I get moving.

These two designer's umbrellas however changed my perception towards bringing umbrella along with me.

Seung Hee Son's Inside Out
Seung's design gave a nice and efficient solution to keep dripping umbrella inside and prevents water dripping at the areas around the umbrella holder. Lets see how it works:

"why should I bring an umbrella?"

"because I have my own bag... Its actually my umbrella!"

Shiu Yuk Yuen's Eco Brolly

Eco Brolly's main idea was to reuse discarded newspapers as the 'canopy' for your umbrella. Such idea of reusing the old newspapers making Eco Brolly environmental friendly.

Without the newspaper canopy, the measurement of Eco Brolly is only 8cm in length. Pretty easy to bring around aye?

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