14 October 2008

† Top 5 Anime/Game Villains †

Watching animes, reading comics and playing video games are my part time hobbies since a long time ago. Frankly speaking, I'm not so into so called hero type of characters but instead, I love to admire the bad guys in the games and animes. Villains are always cool and scary so this is why I love to observe how the creators of each villains produce and express their uniqueness.

Here's the list of my favorite top 5 villains found in some animes and games in descending order.

Unicron - Transformer

Unicron ranks the fifth among the villians in my list. Unicron, also known as the Chaos Bringer, was first shown in "Transformer - The Movie" where it appeared in the form of planet,lingered around the galaxy consuming other small planets. In other words, he is able to transform from a mechanical planet into an immense robot. Kinda cool huh?Unicron was a tough enemy an it was almost invincible that none can defeat it or survive its attacks. Apparently in Transformer: The Movie, all the planets being engulfed by it will be 'digested' and reprocess into energy for the use of its body. With each planet it destroyed, its size grows bigger and stronger.

Devil Jin - Tekken 5

The fourth villain in my list is Devil Jin from Tekken 5. Devil Jin was originally Jin Kazama in Tekken 3 but during the end of the game, Jin got shot by some army troops but he miraculously revived as the Devil Jin.In the game, the Devil Jin's personality is totally different from its host Jin Kazama where it acts excessively aggressive. For example, every time he wins a round, the Devil Jin will burst out laughing with a scary devilish laugher which normal Jin Kazama will never do so. In addition to Jin's fighting skill, Devil Jin can fly using the wings on his back and fire heat vision beams. It sounds cheating but pro players will not fear such useless move.

Ulquiorra - Bleach

The next villain in my list is Ulquiorra. His name is hard to type correctly and every time I search for his info in Google, I have to type "bleach ulqira" and let Google does the auto spelling check.Ulqira Ulquiorra is the fourth Espada from the famous anime Bleach. What attracts my attention towards Ulquiorra is that he rarely change his facial expression. Rather stoic I would say. From what I observe in the anime, Ulquiorra behaves just like a real leader where he does a lot of analysis and is able to stay calm no matter how bad the situation is. He usually keeps his hands in his pockets when in a combat situation, only bringing them out to deflect attacks. He's just way too cool compared to other members in Espada.

Azure Kite - .Hack//GU
Azure Kite from the famous PS2 game: "Dot Hack GU Trilogy" is supposed to be my most preferable villain recently. However, I still think that he should rank second in the list.

I first saw Azure Kite in the trailer of Dot Hack GU in YouTube. I was surprised that he was able to beat the main character (Haseo) so easily although Haseo was a famous Player Hunter in the game who killed many other players in the game. Talks about Azure Kite, he is a Twin Blade-type character who resembles a corrupted, zombie like stitched-together version of Kite (Main character of previous Dot Hack series). I didn't have the chance to play the previous Dot Hack games in PS1 and thats why I didn't know who the hack is this green haired fella with such creepy look.Realizing that he seldom does not talk, and only breathes loudly and growls, my attention and curiosity towards him increases. The interesting part about Azure Kite is that he only produces "Aaaaaaaaaa.... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....." sound whenever he appears and he never talks. In the game, Azure Kite carries two triple-edged blades known as the "Empty Skies" and has the ability to perform "Data Drain". He can also transform into a floating azure orb of light to travel, and often arrives at areas in this form, surrounded by some weird flames.

Sephiroth - Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
Introducing, my all time favorite villain, Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII.

He has long silver hair and bright cyan eyes with cat-like pupils, and is portrayed in a black coat decorated with metallic pauldrons. In the Kingdom Hearts series, he has a black angel wing on his back. Sephiroth has been well-received within the video game community due to his complex motivations and his iconic appearance, particularly his extremely long sword, Masamune. As a result, he is regularly featured in top positions on many "best villain" lists and character polls assembled by game publications and fans.

Sephiroth is so popular that many of his fan clubs built a website specially for him. Its kinda funny looking at some fans of his keep calling him Sephi-sama.What I really love about the being of Sephiroth is the music associated with his presence. In Final Fantasy VII, Sephiroth is the focus of three pieces of music written by Nobuo Uematsu. His primary theme "One-Winged Angel" which is played during the final confrontation with Sephiroth. The recent version of "One-Winged Angel played by the Dark Mages is the best among all versions. The same song appears in the game Kingdom Hearts but it is obviously not as nice as the Advent Children version. Talking about the name "Sephiroth", his name comes from Kabbalah, in which the ten sephirot on the Tree of Life represent different aspects of God. Click here to read more about it.

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