26 October 2008

† Ten Most Memorable CG Characters †

So here we have the ten most memorable CG (computer graphic) characters from various kind of movies. Note that this rating is based on my perception and is not official. Everyone's taste differs from each other aye?

10. Fish Out Of Water from "Chicken Little". It may be been out of his environment and unable to speak, but it just goes to show how a little attitude and personality can overcome a loss of words.

9. Penguins from "Madagascar". There's no doubt these four penguins are the center-point of the movie.

8. Roz from "Monster Inc". She reminds me of Edna Mole from "The Incredibles". LOL.

7. Bruce from "Finding Nemo". A friendly great white shark who wants to make friend with other fishes.

6. Scrat from "Ice Age". It has nothing to do with the story line but its presence brings laugh to the whole show.

5. Slim from "Bug's Life". What can I say about him? He's just funny.

4. Edna Mole from "The Incredibles". So many characters in the movie are great, but it’s Edna Mole, the weird little lady with funny personality that stole the show.

3. Puss In Boots from "Shrek 2 & 3". I’ll admit that I have no love for "Shrek 3", but Antonio Banderas voicing the cat was one of the best things about this movie.

2. Master Shifu from "Kung Fu Panda". Annoying at the beginning but he became a great teacher towards the end of the movie.

1. Wall.E from "Wall.E". It expressed itself via all kinds of adorable actions. This is why I rated it number one among all CG characters.

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