12 October 2008

† Sleep Is Pillow †

Here's two interesting pillows that I would like to introduce. The first pillow promotes "sleep when is necessary" while the other one is "wake up when is needed".

Feeling tired staring at your laptop? Thats why you need a pillow while you're working hard. The colorful soft pillows that can be carry anywhere not just used as your notebook protection case but also can help you get a better sleep while working.

"pillows, but they're actually laptop bags"

"time to sleeeeeeep... zzzz..."

That is why a popular Chinese proverb mentioned that "休息是为了走更远的路".

However, some people get sedated very easily and never wanted to wake up. Here's another type of pillow that can wake up such person effectively.

Glo Pillow
This pillow alarm clock is designed to gently wake you by exposing your eyes to the built-in light in the pillow.

"before sleep..."

"time to wake up!

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