07 October 2008

† Future Laptop/Desktop †

Its always been troublesome if you owned a desktop especially when you're doing house shifting. Motherboard, CPU, monitor, keyboard, mouse, speaker, modem... they are just hard to keep or pack. However, Won Seok Lee's design has made computers lost their definitions of the word 'desktop' or 'laptop'. His design: B-Membrane has managed to hybrid the concept of both desktop and laptop. Looking at its shape, I know its kinda cute or maybe some people consider it funny. Many people from tech forum commented that it looks like a condom or dildo. Personally, I think it looks like a road block cone that you can see beside the road.

B-Membrane does not have any monitor but its image will be projected from the tip of the 'cone'. This is something that I find interesting because I always think monitor is something too bulky to handle.

As for the keyboard, its a built-in touch pad keyboard... Sensitive and noiseless.

No doubt something like this will take years, and maybe even a decade or two before it becomes reality. However, such idea of having hybridization of laptop and desktop is always a cool innovation.

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