04 October 2008

† Beer + Milk †

Instead of typing the word 'milk' in Google, I made a slight mistake by typing 'bilk' and because of that, I found something interesting. So there's really something known as bilk exist in this world O_o

A brewery in Hokkaido has succeeded in producing a low-malt beer with milk. The drink is therefore called “Bilk”... (Beer + Milk)
"Since milk has a low boiling point, the brewery took care to control the temperature during the boiling process so the milk wouldn't boil over. After they put beer yeast and hops into the drink and began the fermentation process, the beverage looked and smelled like tea with milk. However, when fermentation was complete and the drink cooled down, it had the same color as beer."
Bilk, is believed to contain higher amount of calcium and lower in alcohol than traditional brew, and can help many milk companies find a use for their extra milk before it spoils. Good idea huh?

I'm quite curious about its taste since 1/3 of Bilk consists of milk. A few websites mentioned that despite the slight milky scent, it also has fruity taste. Read some good comments here regarding Bilk and what actually caught my attention me are the replies made by the readers.

And the price... Each 330 ml bottle costs 380 yen. Personally I don't care whether its expensive or not. But I would like to try it out.

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