24 September 2008

♫ Vitas: Russian Opera Singer ♫

♫ My brother Yuen has came across a truly amazing Russian Opera Singer who can raise his voice for a few octaves. (In music, an octave is the interval between one musical pitch and another with half or double its frequency) When he does so, his voice seriously sound like a girl. It sounds funny initially when he shouted but if you listen for a few times, you will find that it’s really a nice song although I have no idea what the hell he is singing. Check the video out.

♫ Its funny to see people in the backround, where they flail around when he does the AAAAHHHHHAHHHHAHAHAHHH thing.

♫ AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHAAAAHHHHAAAHAAHAAAA!!!! The super shout by Vitas... lol :p

♫ Here something funny that is related to Vitas. Really funny. Can't stop laughing at it.
➸Click Here To Watch➸

♫ Funny but I respect that specky guy.

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