28 September 2008

† Reef Flip Flop Stash Sandal †

ROFL... Before you know why do I laugh, lets take a look at the picture below.

I'm sure you know this brand Reef. Its a brand for beach wear and it goes well with Billabong and Quick Silver. Recently, Reef launches an interesting model known as Stash Reef where you can do things like pictures below.

Its particularly useful for people who's hardworking to go to beach, but lazy to carry things with them. I realize keys are really annoying especially when you go for swimming session. Therefore I do think this sandal fits the purpose.

They look normal when the 'drawer' is sealed up.

Imagine what will happen if you accidentally step on a piece of bull shit? Will you dare to take the key out without washing your sandal?

Lets imagine you and your friends were enjoying the seaside and one of your friends asked: "Hey dude, lets have a glass of beer." "Sure dude," as you replied, you saw your friend took up his sandal, and beer started flowing out from his sandal. Will you drink that beer? Eeeeewww... please....

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