30 September 2008

† I Care About My Hair †

Gatsby, a commonly known hair wax product. 6 colors are available where each of them has its own property. I simply love the design of the shape of their container, as well as their colors.

I've tried all the above except for the pink color one. Green... too oily. Blue... too sticky. Grey... too dry and hard, it makes you feel that your fingers are sticked together. Purple... slightly weaker than the grey one. Personally I find the orange one is suitable for me.

In term of the hair holding power, personally I think the older generation of Gatsby did the best.

My hair was quite long few years back when I was studying my degree in Scotland and my friends and I happened to join a Halloween party organized by the university student's affair. I decided to turn myself into a vampire. Instead of making me a dull looking vampire, I spiked up my hair so that I look like Super Saiyan of Dragon Ball. Thanks to Gatsby's crazy strong wax, my hair was able to stand up straight without falling down for hours. Of course I had a hard time washing my hair. Thats the bad part about Gatsby :(

Now that I'm working and I can no longer spike up my hair like last time. I have to switch my hair product to something 'softer' and therefore I choose Osis+ Thrill. From what I checked from the internet, the price is supposed to be RM50++ but I'm lucky enough to get it cheaper at the price of RM30 each O_o

p/s Try not to use too much of hair wax. There are researches indicate that hair wax promote allopecia... you know... hair drop.
*Thanks pinklynn for reminding me of Osis+

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