28 September 2008

† Hand Made SpyPod †

† I was randomly searching for information about iPod and I lucky me, I came across this interesting website about a handmade SpyPod. Initially I was thinking "what the hell is this". When I read carefully, I was stunned by its awesomeness. Woooooooaaa.... ;O

SpyPod is a multitasking tool used by special agent or syndicates in their process of spying around in enemy's base. The size of SpyPod should be bigger than iPod I guess. Maybe its about the size of iPod Video.

Lets take a clearer look at this handmade SpyPod... This SpyPod contains:

1) A reflective screen, enables you to send Morse code to your partner or group members. Woohoo...

2) Decoder ring? O_o I have no idea what is this, lets skip this.

3) Hah... magnifying glass + telescope. Thats why this thing is called SpyPod aye?

4) The final thing to use. A gun! The author mentioned the word rubberband gun. I wasn't sure what is a rubberband gun and I do a further search about rubberband gun and I found something more impressive.

The word rubberband gun catches my attention and I continue my searching and guess what, I found this interesting video about Rubberband Gun (click the word to view this interesting video).

It makes me feel like buying one... gosh... >.<

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